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Tina was a track competitor for Clemson in 1983 and from 1985-1987, and also a member of the cross-country team from 1982-1985.  Krebs was a three-time NCAA champion, and an eight-time All American and holds Clemson records in both categories.  She won her first NCAA career title in the 1000 yard run in 1983, recording a time of 2:28.58.   Outdoors, she was the NCAA runner up in the 800 meter that same year.  Krebs won the 1500m run at the 1985 NCAA indoor championships with a time of 4:17.45 and placed fourth in the outdoor.  In 1986 she was the indoor champion in the mile and finished third in the 1500m outdoor.   Indoors, Krebs still holds two Clemson records.  She is the Lady Tigers' all time leader in the 800m and holds the record in the 1500m.  She was a four-time ACC Champion indoors, winning the 800m every year.  She was inducted into the Clemson Hall of Fame in 1993.